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How To Make Your Own Custom Firmware

Making your own custom firmware isn't for everybody! However, it is one of easier things to do so I wanted to put together a little guide to get you started. Don't forget to submit your own creations once you're finished!

NFirmware Editor - The software that makes the magic happen!

Custom firmware is created with an open source program called NFirmware Editor. You can find the latest version on their GitHub releases page. Just download the zip file and extract it to a location that you can easily find. For some users it may be easiest to just extract it to a folder on your desktop.

Opening the Base Firmware

Once you've extracted NFirmware Editor you will want to open the program. Navigate to the folder you extracted it to and double-click the NFirmwareEditor.exe file. This will open the program to a blank workspace.

After opening the program, navigate to the File Menu and then to the second Open option, Open (Using Specified Definition), and then choose the firmware version you intend to open. This will launch an Open dialog. From here you will need to locate the .bin file for the firmware you want to work with. So if you are making custom firmware for the RX200, you will need to find the stock firmware file that you downloaded from the Wismec site. Choose the correct .bin file and select open.

Making It Custom

Once you've opened the firmware you will be presented with a list of all the characters and images embedded in that firmware on the left hand side. You should recognize most of these from using your device. Sticking with our RX200 example, let's say you want to change the little image that shows when you fire the device. Scroll down and locate the image (it's labeled 0x87 on firmware version 3.10) and select it. Now you will see a larger, pixelated version of this image on the right hand side and a small preview above it.

To change this icon you just need to design your custom design in the large grid on the right. The very first icon to the right of the "Show grid" option will clear all pixels in the grid. To fill a pixel in, left click on it. To clear a pixel out, right click. Do this until you have the completed design that you are happy with. Be sure to use the preview above to see how it looks when it's smaller. This will give you a more realistic representation of how it will look on the device.

Continue to do this for all of the images and characters you want to change until you are done.

Saving Your Firmware

Once you are finished editing the characters you want to change, you will need to save your firmware. Navigate back to the File menu again and choose Save Encrypted As... this time. This will open a standard Save dialog and you can navigate to the folder you would like to save it in. Give your .bin file a name and click save. Once you've saved the firmware, you're all done! You can flash it onto your device like you would any other firmware. For more detailed instructions on that, please see our How To Install Custom Firmware page.

Be sure to take a photo of your firmware installed and submit it to be included in our collection, too!

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