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Frequently Asked Questions

We receive many emails a day asking us a variety of questions and requests. This page was created to hopefully eliminate some of the repeat questions and provide answers to the more popular questions that we get asked.

Can you make * theme for my device?

We do not make the themes that are provided on our website. We maintain the website, server, and all other aspects of the project but we do not create any themes and, as a result, we do not take requests for them. We are currently working on a request board that will allow users to submit requests. When that feature is finished it will be available in the menu at the top.

Why should I use a custom firmware since Joyetech now supports bitmap images?

Custom firmware is far more than just a custom image on the screen. Different devices have firmware patches that add and/or enable various features and functionality in addition to allowing for custom fonts and images that made custom firmware popular initially. For example, many of our themes feature custom logos for the RX200. This feature is not available without using a custom firmware that includes that patch to enable it.

Why was my theme not approved?

We do not censor or judge our theme submissions at all! If your firmware was not approved then you we sent you an email explaining why and what you need to do so that you can resubmit it. Often times the submission does not include a proper photo of the firmware in use on the device it was built for. This is the most common reason for a theme not being approved.

Why did you start to watermark the preview images?

We put a lot of time, energy, and money into running this website and providing a central location for everyone to share and download themes. Each preview image that is submitted is cropped, trimmed, adjusted, rotated and resized by us to keep them consistent and keep the page looking orderly. Unfortunately, since the launch of our website there have been a few copycat websites and Facebook Pages that have been taking our images and reposting them, many of them doing so without giving any credit to the authors who created it. We tried to confront the people behind these projects but we were met with negativity, arrogance, and refusal to stop or even provide proper credit. As a result, we have started to watermark new submissions in hopes of preventing this from happening. We take great pride in giving credit to each and every author and even allow for their name to link to the website or social media profile of their choosing. We also have some authors who release their content exclusively on our platform and do not like seeing it shared elsewhere.

Want your ad to be seen by over 4,000 vapers each day, 100,000 vapers a month? Contact us for custom advertising solutions!